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somewhat more finite than advertised

J and I continued our foray into the wild world of Michael Cera movies with “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” last night. Not a bad film, and actually has some things to recommend it: Norah’s character seems more sympathetic as … Continue reading

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here is poetry

  Heil Hitler and art and music and Leni, we love you! Um, death for me, maybe not, friends, could happen so let’s do this right now, on the ground! We shall see who wins, we shall see who rolls … Continue reading

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Ontarian Nerdscape

J and I screened “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” last night, and both thoroughly enjoyed it. A very sweet film–not exactly against type for Michael Cera. It does reinforce social conventions relating to monogamy that I have a problem with … Continue reading

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Thank you very much

One of the things that takes getting used to, in terms of interacting with Korean people, is their tendency to offer thanks or apologies for things that they are involved with in only the most abstract of collective ways. Two … Continue reading

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Guy Fieri’s Lambo!

Some enterprising big horn sheep burglar slipped into a luxury car dealership and nicked Guy Fieri’s bright yellow Lamborghini! A hero has been born, straight from the fanny of Athena herself! A new virgin birth! New Jesus has a yellow … Continue reading

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Pervasive typographical racism

It’s a little know fact that boldface script was invented to simulate the effect of blackface in minstrel shows!

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Vampire Weekend’s Pink Fantasia

Tremendous footage of a Vampire Weekend acoustic party-type performance in France from early last year. They even busted out some passable Français, ably assisted by a pedagogically inclined crowd. Fine work, gents! Vampire weekend is sans doubt my favorite band … Continue reading

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