somewhat more finite than advertised

J and I continued our foray into the wild world of Michael Cera movies with “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” last night. Not a bad film, and actually has some things to recommend it: Norah’s character seems more sympathetic as the film goes on and we see how she is used by her quasi-boyfriend. The burden of always suspecting people want something from you is sure to lead to strong defenses. Initially she was utterly unsympathetic, but fair enough, in real life people seem unsympathetic at first and then we get to know them and their circumstances and we are willing to cut them more slack. The scene where Nick gives Norah a manual orgasm in the recording studio was particularly sweet, and made me much more sympathetic to the film as a whole. Michael Cera’s character doesn’t seem to exist on his own, however, he seems just a sad sack who plays in a band and pines away for his terrible ex; only with the accumulated characters from his other films is he interesting to watch here, and only with that accumulation does his character make sense. Still, he’s always enjoyable to watch and I remain a fan.


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