Its reputation certainly preceding it, J and I watched “Heavy Metal” last night. Now, both of us enjoyed the loving “South Park” tribute to this film…

…and came into it expecting it to be campy, and it was, but it was also sweet in its own way, especially the “Den” story of nerdy wish-fulfillment. Another blog put it well when they wrote that this movie “introduced many a young nerd to the idea that animation could be used for breasts.” One especially nostalgic aspect of the film for both J and I was hearing John Candy’s voice at several points, most memorably as the aforementioned Dan/Den who, due to science and magic transforms from…


He seems to have been transformed from a scrawny (white?) nerd into a muscle-bound stud of unknown but seemingly dusky heritage. That certainly brings up a multitude of questions about the sexual images of darker complected peoples.

The other fun John Candy sequence was “So Beautiful and So Dangerous” where he played the sexually adept robot who agrees to give his lady friend a Jewish wedding. Here are some cells/screenshots from that sequence:

I also particularly enjoyed the “Captain Sternn” sequence, taking the lantern-jawed space opera hero and remaking him as a mass-murdering sociopath. This seems to prefigure Zapp Brannigan in a way, although Sternn is much more of a villain than the cowardly and child-like Brannigan.

In any case, we both enjoyed the film, but perhaps being fans of both sci-fi and animation we were predisposed to be sympathetic.


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